#PKUDay2017 – Are you in?

#PKUDay2017 is happening on June 28th. Are you wondering why PKUDay is happening on this special day? There is a very good reason for that, find out more here: https://www.pkuday.org/about/. In 2016 the Guthrie Memorial Dinner was hosted to honor a very important man for the research on Phenylketonuria. If you want to learn more about the last year you can also find more information about that on our website: https://www.pkuday.org/about/pku-day-2016/

This year we have updated our website to accommodate space for your events. If you have planned anything for #PKUDay2017 we would be glad if you could share it with us. You will be able to find out what’s happening around June 28th you can visit our dedicated section: https://www.pkuday.org/about/pku-day-2017/