Low Protein Photo Challange


Event Details

On the occasion of International PKUDay, the National Phenylketonuria Association invites you to take part in the Photo Challenge for the best low protein recipes
Children suffering from phenylketonuria must follow a diet low in proteins their foods low in proteins cost excessively expensive and are not always available in Algeria, therefore the challenge consists in preparing varied, appetizing recipes for these children based on limited products ( see the list) these dishes should be as close as possible to normal children’s dishes (starter, main course or dessert)
List of authorized products:
Fruits: all fruits (banana in limited quantity maximum 1 banana)
Vegetables: all vegetables are authorized (except potatoes quantity limited to a maximum of 100 g)
Others: corn starch, sugar, spices, salt, jams, honeys, oils, butters, margarines, vinegar, industrial mayonnaise, ketchup, industrial juices, baking powder and baking powder, flan powder
to your apron, ready, cook!
You can send us your photos by Messenger until June 25, June 26, your photos will be published on our Facebook page, the ones with the most likes will be the winners